How Can The Diffusion Of Some Popular Customs Adversely Impact Environment Quality


What are some of the negative impacts of the diffusion of popular customs?

The diffusion of some popular customs can adversely impact environmental quality in two ways—depletion of scarce natural resources and pollution of the landscape. INCREASED DEMAND FOR NATURAL RESOURCES.

How has diffusion of some popular customs affected the demand for animal products?

Diffusion of popular culture customs increases the demand for animal products (domestic or wild), raw materials, and natural resources. Recycling of Resources: Recycling allows for developed countries that have created large-scale environmental damage through endless popular culture production a way to control it.

What characteristics are common to popular culture around the world?

Popular culture are often a product of more developed countries.

Popular culture diffuses contagiously.

  • Folk music tells a story and is personal in nature.
  • Most folk culture is rural.
  • Folk housing normally reflects the culture.
  • Food preferences are adapted to the environment.

In what ways do folk cultures respond differently than popular cultures to variations in the physical environment?

In what ways do folk cultures respond differently than popular cultures to variations in the local physical environment? Folk culture is greatly affected by physical environment, while popular culture is not. for example- food preferences, housing materials, influences on art, songs about farming.

Does cultural diffusion have a positive or negative effect?

Cultural diffusion does not always lead to positive exchanges. Sometimes when different cultures come into contact with each other conflict occurs. There are many examples of when differences in cultures have led to war. … The spread of diseases is another negative effect of cultural diffusion.

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Why is popular culture widely distributed?

Key Issue 3: Why is popular culture widely distributed? Pop culture, compared to folk, varies widely from time to time in a given place. This is due to its widespread and rapid diffusion, and the relative wealth of the people to acquire the materials associated with pop culture.

How do Amish both avoid and participate in popular culture?

Where did Amish culture originate, and how did it diffuse to the United States? … How do Amish both avoid and participate in popular culture? Driving a car for important purposes, and avoid by not using social media or internet. Are the Amish in the U.S. an example of assimilation, acculturation, or syncretism?

What is the main effect of modern communications in regards to culture?

E) popular culture. 10) The main effect of modern communications on social customs has been to A) preserve folk cultures, by increasing awareness of their uniqueness. B)

What is the difference between a habit and a custom and provide an example of each?

Habit is a repetitive act of an individual person – wearing jeans every day. Custom is a repetitive act of a group so much that it becomes characteristics of that group – college students wearing jeans every day. Practiced by small, homogeneous groups living in isolated rural areas. You just studied 53 terms!

How is pop culture affecting society?

Pop culture affects society in many ways. The first and most rudimentary effect of pop culture is how it builds and strengthens interactions with people who are also into the same kind of things.

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How does pop culture reflect society?

We are more likely to act in our society’s best interests because we know that those best interests are also our own. An authentic popular culture also gives us a sense of shared identity, meaning, and purpose that transcends differences in geography, race, ethnicity, religion, or politics.

What does popular culture mean?

Popular culture is the set of practices, beliefs, and objects that embody the most broadly shared meanings of a social system. It includes media objects, entertainment and leisure, fashion and trends, and linguistic conventions, among other things.

How does folk culture impact the environment?

Influence of the physical environment.

Folk housing styles are another example of the influence of the physical environment, with housing design reflecting both cultural norms and environmental influences from the type of building material used to the shape of the house to more efficiently heat, cool, or shed water.

How do you maintain connections to popular culture?

Popular culture is at the center of our society.

Love pop culture? Here are 5 ways to stay informed.

  1. Linger on social media, and be aware of its appeal. …
  2. Sign up for some email digests. …
  3. Listen to podcasts. …
  4. Start actively participating on forums.

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