How Did The Aztecs Adapt To Their Environment


How did the Aztecs adapt to their environment quizlet?

How did the Aztec adapt to their environment? The Aztecs knew in order to settle down successfully that they would need many engineers and builders and traders. They adapted to their environment. They built canoes so they could hunt and fish.

Which represents an Aztec adaptation to their environment?

The correct answer is A) by using terracing and irrigation to farm. The Aztecs adapted to their environment mainly by using terracing and irrigation to farm.

How did geography impact the Aztecs?

In the ancient Aztec empire, there area of land affected their daily life and trade in many ways. … But also the Aztecs didn’t farm as much in the ocean, there were nice lakes and streams in valleys, and there were little islands that have very good farming soil on it. So that where they farmed most of the time.

How did Aztecs protect themselves?

To protect themselves, many also carried round shields. These shields, typically 76 cm in diameter, were made of fire hardened cane or solid wood and copper. Often the shields were decorated and featured hanging cloth and leather pieces. Specific clothing depended on the rank of the Aztec warrior.

Why did the Aztecs make human sacrifices?

Human sacrifice occupied a particularly important place in Mesoamerica. Many of the region’s cultures, including the Maya and the Mexica, believed that human sacrifice nourished the gods. Without it, the sun would cease to rise and the world would end.

How did the Maya Aztec and Inca adapt to their environment?

They adapted to their environment by using terrace farming, which was very important. Terrace farming is when they cut steep hills and they would build rope bridges to cross the mountains. Where is the geographic location and what is its unique geographic features?

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How did the Aztecs build their empire?

The Aztecs built alliances, or partnerships, to build their empire. The Aztecs made the people they conquered pay tribute, or give them cotton, gold, or food. The Aztecs controlled a huge trade network. Markets drew buyers and sellers from all over the Aztec Empire.

Where did the Aztecs live?


What did the Aztecs eat?

While the Aztecs ruled, they farmed large areas of land. Staples of their diet were maize, beans and squash. To these, they added chilies and tomatoes. They also harvested Acocils, an abundant crayfish-like creature found in Lake Texcoco, as well as Spirulina algae which they made into cakes.

What were the Aztecs Calpulli?

In precolumbian Aztec society, a calpulli (from Classical Nahuatl calpōlli, Nahuatl pronunciation: [kaɬˈpoːlːi], meaning “large house”) was the designation of an organizational unit below the level of the altepetl “city-state”.

What type of government did the Aztecs have?


What language did the Aztecs speak?

Nahuatl language, Spanish náhuatl, Nahuatl also spelled Nawatl, also called Aztec, American Indian language of the Uto-Aztecan family, spoken in central and western Mexico.

Why were the Aztecs so successful?

The Aztecs were a very successful Civilization during its era. They were able to create a gigantic empire from nothing. The government played a huge role in the success of this empire. It gave the people some say and helped the empire to expand.

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